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Hauslos.de shows you the art of integration.


Hauslos.de is a Germany-based antique & vintage, thrifted & pre-loved online store which was founded in early 2019. With my passion of discovering the lost treasures which have been sourced in Germany, I would like to create conscious and sustainable shopping experiences during the ‘lost and found’ process.


I love the art of integrating the new with the old.

I am not a collector who wants to posses objects, but to give them a better place.


I start Hauslos.de with my initution,

do what I can

with what I have

from where I am.




Shoparellas provides you quality and care.


Shoparellas was founded in 2016. It becomes a subsidiary company of Hauslos.de since 2019.


Born out of a desire to see real care in the way we treat ourselves and the world around us, Shoparellas is driven to bring you with the very best products that are good for you, and for our mother Earth. 

one-stop online store for all your vegan, natural, and organic beauty & health care products that have been sourced in Germany and EU countries, Shoparellas would  like to work with brands that are true to our lifestyle and also resonate with our followers.

Hauslos.de inspires you with the art of integrating the new with the old.

Shoparellas provides you with quality and care.

We start with our initution,

do what we can,

with what we have,

from where we are.

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