All antique, vintage and pre-loved items from Hauslos.de are sourced in Germany. They come from different antique and vintage shops, thrift shops, flea markets and personal collections. The era and origin are judged by experienced vintage dealers with their expertise and experience. We do not hold any responsibility upon inaccurate estimation. Also, product information such as pricing, availability or shipping time on our website may contain errors or inaccuracies, we reserve the right to update the information without prior notice. 


All dimensions are measured manually with deviation (ranged)at 1-3mm. If by any chance they are not, we are sorry for that. Please make the object as the standard.

Photo representation

As different monitors will display colors different, please note that the colours shown on your screen may vary from the actual colour of the goods. However, our photos will try to reflect as exact a representation of the item as possible. Should there be any gross misrepresentation, please feel free to contact us at hauslos.info@gmail.com

Vintage Items Conditions Guide

Our items are vintage, thrift-ed and pre-loved, some have been loved a lot more than others and in different ways, so they do come as they are. We will always check and describe the item to the best of our ability and please do always check the product description for any possible flaws mentioned. We are advocates of buying used and hope you can appreciate this unique piece and its character.


All our items go by the following rating system:


New old stock (NOS) aged stock of merchandise that was never sold to a customer, but still new in original packaging.

Excellent Vintage Condition Pre-loved but with no visible flaws.

Very Good Vintage ConditionMinor flaws, almost not visible.

Good Vintage Condition Minor flaws, some visible such as scratches, stains, cracks, dents, marks or discolouration.

Fair Vintage Condition : Some visible flaws. The item needs some mending and restoration but could serve as a fantastic inspiration piece.

Should there be any questions with regard to the condition of our products, please feel free to contact us at hauslos.info@gmail.com

Glass / Pottery / Porcelain

Most of them are made at high temperature. Inclusions , pontil marks , mold marks, bubbles, glaze flaws, kiln marks during the manufacturing process appear to be common flaws.

Glaze & Depiction

Patterns on ceramic cups and plates are mostly hand-painted and they may have inevitably uneven colors and thicknesses. Please note that a glaze craftwork may have slight lack of glaze, dyeing.

Clothes / Fabric

Missing buttons, slight signs of wear or staining at the insides of the collar, bottom or armpit areas. Some may have been repaired by their previous owners.


The zip pocket of many vintage leather bags are made of all-leather material (of course, some have fabric lining or flannel lining). Part of the leather may become moldy and sticky when time goes by. In addition, common flaws in leather bags include scratches, broken threads, cracked flips, dry skins, watermarks, frayed edges, cracks and tarnish to the metal parts.


Most of the old metal products are manually welded. It is common that the joints are slightly uneven or painted unevenly. Different scratches, paint peeling or small black spots may occur over time, which will not affect their use as a whole.


Small spots or pores may occur when time goes by. 

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