Vintage Black Forest carved wood fork and spoon, decorative salad servers, home dedor or shop display, carved in high relief with edelweiss. 


Condition|excellent vintage condition with light traces of age
Vintage items from the 1950s
Dimensions|Both fork & spoon: 24cm x 4cm
Weight| 31g

Inventory|1 set

Country of Origin|Black Forest, Germany


Edelweiss: Its Meaning & Symbolism


Edelweiss (German: Edelweiß) is a European mountain flower.The edelweiss, otherwise known as Leontopodium alpinum. It is a white flower with woolly, star-shaped petals. It’s synonymous with the alpine terrain, and those of the Alps find it a flower of purity that instills a great sense of patriotism with its meanings. The nations bound to this flower’s symbol includes regions in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. It’s short life span and remote habitation have inspired the folklore of Alps inhabitants to signify the Edelweiss with national prestige.


Edelweiss is a national icon in Switzerland. The name, in German, is a combining of the words for 'noble' and 'white.' It's beautiful, unique, and it grows more than 10,000 feet above sea level, so finding one means you've made quite the hike.


Back in the World War II era, German troops had travelled high up in the Alps, far above the tree line, just to pick a very small Edelweiss — one that would show others that they were true warriors.


This prestigious act wasn't for soldiers alone. Reportedly, in the 19th century, the edelweiss was associated with purity and Swiss patriotism. In fact, countless young men would risk their lives in attempts to retrieve the unique little flower and give it to their brides. This flower signifies deep love and devotion whereby men harvest the flower on daring steeps and fatal climbs to prove love and to show occasions of devotion.


Today, the edelweiss flower is still worn by various Austrian, Swiss, Polish, and German troops.


Vintage Black Forest Carved Wooden Fork & Spoon Edelweiss

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